Q – What do I need to bring with me?

A – Linen, towels, kettle, toaster, pots, pans, cutlery etc, personal battery operated devices. We provide a hoover, and white goods (fridge/freezer/washing machine), but have found that people are happier to use their own utensils etc. 


Q – Can I bring my pet tortoise?

A – No. Grow up. Sorry, no pets allowed. (Goldfish are just about the only exception. If they’re quiet.)


Q – Can I smoke in any room?

A – We leave this up to tenants (and their room mates!) to decide where smoking will be permitted.


Q – Can I park my car in the garage?

A – Not all garages are available, but some are. Contact Us for details.


Q – Will I definitely be able to park my car off the road? My insurance company wants to know.

A – Again, it is left up to tenants to decide who gets driveway access (if there is any.)


Q – What are your Letting Terms and Conditions?

A – Click here to download the 2021/22 version as a Word doc.


Q – What is your website Privacy Policy?

A – Click here for it..


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